support independent Christian bookstores

In 2017, we lost 240 Christian bookstores when Family Christian Stores closed.  In 2019, we lost 170 Christian bookstores when LifeWay closed all their physical locations.  We can't afford to lose any more Christian bookstores now.

We ask that you help us collect $10 million to help keep these stores in business.  We know it's a big ask, but with over 160 million Christians in the United States it is doable if you can help get the word out.   If you're able to give just a little ($5-$10), together we will make a huge impact!

Net proceeds will go directly to CRA member stores.   

CRA is a non-profit organization, so your gift is tax deductible.

Thank you for your generosity!



We sent a survey to independent Christian bookstores to see how the

COVID-19 pandemic has affected them.

You can review the results from the 223 independent Christian bookstores that responded to this survey below.