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Christian Retail Association, Inc. (CRA) is a non-profit ministry founded by Munce Group President Bob Munce in an ongoing effort to better serve independent Christian retailers.


CRA was created to help build community within the Christian retail industry and to bring beneficial assets to store owners and vendors alike. Membership benefits include discount programs, networking, training and education, industry information, best practices and a place to exchange ideas.


Our Mission

To make known salvation through Jesus Christ. 

We do this by supporting those who produce, sell and distribute Christian products (in particular the Bible — the Word of God). 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To bring together retailers, publishers, authors and artists throughout the world and help

grow their businesses.

CRA's purpose as a not for profit is to provide supportive services to Christian bookstores.  CRA gives much of its dues and other financial resources back to the stores in various ways.  The greatest  service is scholarship money for stores to participate in industry trade shows.   The Christian Product Expo provides training for the stores, along with inspiration and trade opportunities.

Thank you for your support!

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