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Potential UPS Strike

Prepare for Shipping Disruptions

We have an important matter to bring to your attention that could impact your business in the coming months. There is a possibility of a UPS strike when the current Teamsters contract expires at the end of July.

While we remain hopeful for a peaceful resolution through negotiations, it is crucial to be prepared for potential disruptions to your shipping operations. To minimize the impact on your business, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Plan ahead for inventory needs. Evaluate your stock levels, anticipate demand, and ensure you have sufficient inventory to sustain your business during a potential strike period.

  2. Open a FedEx account if you don’t currently have one. Having an alternative shipping provider, such as FedEx, will offer you additional options and flexibility during this uncertain period.

  3. Take advantage of FedEx discounts available to CRA members. As a valued CRA member, you can save 50% on FedEx Express and 30% on FedEx Ground. Enroll today to access these exclusive discounts.

For more details on the potential UPS strike, our shipping provider, PartnerShip, has put together some helpful information. Read more here.

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