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Discover which POS System Is Right for You

Last year certainly showed us the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. In learning to adapt to a new normal, you may have experimented with new business techniques that you had never considered before. Some of those things might have started as a quick fix rather than a permanent solution. But as another new year rolls in, we are reminded that the times are still changing, and the way we do business will likely need to change with it.

As we head into 2021, now is a good time to look for ways to do business better. One of those ways may be with a new point-of-sale (POS) system. POS systems are a safe and easy way to track inventory, sales and customer data. They can help you save time and money with greater efficiency and accuracy, keeping track of what is selling well and what is not, so you know when and what to order.

There are many POS systems available today, including Square, Shopify, ShopKeep, Revel and Vend. When looking for the right solution for your store, here are some questions to consider:

  • How easy is this system for our employees to use?

  • Does this system have advanced inventory capabilities, such as creating purchase orders and re-stock reminders?

  • What types of reports can this system automate?

  • Does this system use cloud-based technology?

  • How much does this system cost and will there be a positive return on my investment?

  • Does this system offer customer support?

Once you are ready to begin your search, the following are the top three traditional POS system providers available in our industry.

Bookstore Manager Software

submitted by Bookstore Manager

Bookstore Manager Software (BSM) has introduced their latest version of point-of-sale software for the Christian retail industry. Whether you need a cloud-based system or one locally installed on an in-house server, Bookstore Manager is made for you. With more systems installed in the industry than any other POS provider, Bookstore Manager distinguishes themselves with a fully integrated, industry-specific solution designed to help you successfully minister to your community.

Typical “cash register” functions, such as ringing up sales and collecting sales tax, are found in every POS application, but the true test is how a POS system helps you operate your business in an efficient way. Bookstore Manager’s records management system (RMS) software stands above the rest in the Christian retail industry.

The old saying, time is money, is the crux of Bookstore Manager’s POS inventory management offering. Auxiliary features from automatic price changes to simple additions of inventory, using the included Christian Books & More (CB&M) database, not only save you time but also help you spend more time with your customers, increasing sales.

Proper management of your inventory is essential to success in a Christian store. Having the right product at the right time is a key feature of Bookstore Manager Software. Effectively managing that product turnover leads to better cash flow and more profit. A properly managed inventory also leads to increased customer satisfaction since they will find the right product at the right time in your store. No other inventory management tool is designed better for the unique needs of a Christian retailer.

Marketing group customers will be especially excited to know that each Munce or Parable catalog is easily imported into the software. In one quick step, your catalog sale pricing is automatically added to the software with start and end dates. You will never have to manually key in special promotional pricing or remove special pricing when the sale period ends. Simple, quick and timely. No off-the-shelf software can make it this easy.

Other features include easy database lookups, custom reporting, touch features, industry bestsellers and CD burning of popular performance tracks and favorite recorded music. The integrated payment processing module includes near field technology, making acceptance of smart cards, payment wallets (Apple Pay, etc.) and pin debit cards simple and efficient. Because of Bookstore Manager’s partnership with Worldpay, merchant costs are kept to a minimum. As an added peace of mind, Bookstore Manager and Worldpay offer a match rate program that assures you will always have the lowest rates in the industry.

Are you needing a web presence that is simple to use and will not break the bank? BSM’s reinvented and relaunched Total Web Solution is the answer. You are in control with the integration to the CB&M database which will populate the products you want displayed. Moreover, only products from your inventory or a major distributor are active on your site. This eliminates orders that cannot be fulfilled in a timely manner. Website sales seamlessly update your inventory and sales totals. The best part? You keep all the profits from your sales.

Bookstore Manager offers world class support from friendly and knowledgeable technicians who are attentive to your needs. Plus, individualized training is included with each new system. This initial instruction is enhanced by basic and advanced training presented at each CPE show at no additional cost. Twice each year, you can deepen your understanding of a highly robust system designed specifically for Christian retailers.

No wonder BSM’s slogan has remained true for thirty years—“a head for your business, a heart for your ministry.” To get started, call Bookstore Manager Software at 800-997-6724 or visit

Information Resource Technology, Inc. (IRT)

submitted by IRT

Information Resource Technology, Inc. (IRT) has been developing and marketing point-of-sale software systems to bookstores for over 30 years. Beginning in 1990 with the acquisition of the remnants of CBA’s in-house developed POS software, Information Partner, IRT has been a partner with Christian bookstores in providing reliable and up-to-date technology solutions.

IRT has sought to stabilize its business by expanding its reach through the acquisition of the two most prominent bookstore POS systems—IBID and WordStock. The acquisition of IBID began the development of the current IBIDie browser-based POS system that has become the chosen system for many leading booksellers. The addition of WordStock has stabilized the business with a great healthy group of energetic stores that bode well for the future.

One key aspect of our approach is to first admit it cannot be all things to all stores. We specialize in POS, inventory control, purchasing and customer relationship management. But just as important are the things we do not attempt to do. Because no one can be best in all areas, we strive to enable our software users to easily integrate and utilize best of breed software and services available through other providers in the industry.

we strive to enable our software users to easily integrate and utilize best of breed software

We are tech people, not content curators. So our POS integrates with Ingram’s Content @ Ingram for search and discovery of titles within the POS. We integrate with the Edelweiss electronic catalog for efficient entry and updating of new titles and especially frontlist purchase orders. Our POS integrates with Above the Treeline analytics, as well as with Munce and Parable’s complete retailer services offering. We report to BookScan and NYT bestseller lists.

Besides having document exchange interfaces (EDI) with Ingram and other distributors and publishers—including PubNet—we also provide web service integration to enable easy viewing of distributors’ current stock status.

We do not provide e-commerce sites for stores. Rather we are now beginning to offer full integration with e-commerce sites to enable efficient processing of web orders by the store. We are currently integrating with Indie Commerce, the leading e-commerce site for bookstores. We will expand the integration to other sites as client stores require.

IRT was among the first bookstore software providers to move to the SAS (Software as a Service) business model. This monthly subscription-based model reduces the upfront cost for installation, while providing us with a stable revenue base to survive the ups and downs of businesses such as ours.

The system is browser based, so stores can choose to deploy using an in-house server or choose to have the system hosted remotely. These cloud-based deployments save the store from having to invest in their own server. Along with the subscription-based software model, this dramatically reduces the upfront cost to the store.

We have a lot to offer. Please contact us at 412-369-5990 or


You may only think of QuickBooks when it comes to your bookkeeping and accounting needs. But QuickBooks provides other services for small businesses, including a point-of-sale system.

QuickBooks POS system manages sales, collects customer data and tracks inventory, helping you know what’s in stock so you can better fulfill your customers’ needs. Advanced reporting features help you identify trends. And detailed customer information helps you personalize promotions and loyalty programs to keep your clientele coming back.

With technology constantly changing, the QuickBooks POS system enables you to handle any kind of customer payment method available today, including contactless, mobile and gift cards. Plus, sleek hardware with a new portable tablet gives you the flexibility to make a sale and check inventory from anywhere in your store.

Speaking of adding more sales from anywhere, you can integrate QuickBooks POS with your e-commerce site to seamlessly fulfill orders online. And to easily balance your till at the end of the day, QuickBooks POS automatically syncs with QuickBooks financial software.

To learn more about the plans available, call 1-877-282-0782. CRA

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